How to find a dreadlock hairdresser

Posted: Sep 02 2013

I meet dreadheads daily, Ive been working with dreadlocks for over 12 years now and (Im not counting all the years I was playing around and trying to learn. ) Im Ann-Marie owner of Seienstyle and Dreadstuff and Im a certifide dreadlock loctitian.

It breaks my heart to hear all the sad stories people have when it comes to have their dreadlocks made, alot of people are very unhappy with their first dreadlock experience so Im going to try to write down some guidelines for you that you can have in mind when you try to find a locktitian.

-First of all figure out what kind of dreadlocks you want for your hair. Try to use google and search around and see what look you are going for. Its always good to save pictures of what you love and what you hate to give to the person that is going to make your dreadlocks. You have to be realistic if you have thin hair you should do thinner dreads and you have to go after what will work on your hair.

-We are not that many dreadiock makers out there, when you try to find one, ask around friends, family, work friends, is there anyone that knows a salon, a good dreadlock hairdresser around you? Search the internet, what does people say about these places you find about these salons and dreadlock hair dressers.

-If you have found one that you think this is who you think should do my dreads, some things to have in mind. If it’s a big hairsalon, who is the one that made all the dreadlocks in the photos put up on the internet? Alot of big salons maybe have one loctitian that is great at his or her work and the other ones not so good and you should always to to the best.

If you go and check up the place, can you and the hairdresser speak to each other? Do you speak the same language? This happens alot, Its very hard to say what you want with your hair if you are not speaking the same language, and how about what dreadlock  care instructions you will get for your new dreadlocks. You havet o think of that you will sit and have this person work on you hair for from 4-16 hours will you be able to do this is you dont speak the same language?

Will it be one or more hairdressers that will make your dreadlocks? If it will be more than one how do they plan their work? Does one do one side of the head and one the other or do they switch sides regularly? There is a big different in dreadwork when it comes to different persons a think of this so you dont get one type of dreads on one side of the head and another type of dreadlocks on the other side of the head.

What will the cost be? Will you get a price before you start and that will be the price or will the hairdresser in the middle of the hair say that they want to have more money? A professional hairdresser will give you a price and stick to that!

Can the hair dresser show of pics from before, after, and years after when it domes to their dreadwork.

How long have the hairdresser that you will be given made dreadlocks and how have they been trained? Have they taken a real dreadlock course and are they certified? This is just to see how professional they are. How serious are they about their work?

Before booking an appointment go and visit the salon and feel the vibe, do you like it. Don’t be hesitated if the salon don’t have a time strait away, it’s a good thing if they have appointments a month a way or so this means that they are good on what they do and have a lot of clients.

Can they make dreadlocks on your type of hair? Do they have before, during and after pics of this? It’s a big different in making dreadlocks on affro hair and on straight hair.

Remember to bring some food and drink along with you for the big day so you can keep your spirit high, and a book, a movie or something to keep you occupied while getting your dreads done. Dont forget to ask its ok to bring along a friend to keep you company, some hairdressers just dont have room for extra people.

If you wake up with a fever, or being sick, dont go and get your hair done then because if your imunesystem is down it will heart so much more when you are getting your hair done. Call en reschedule your time and ask what they think.

Pleace respect the hairdresser that has  taken away some time for you and if you want to cancel the appointment please let them know so they can book someone else in.

And last what does your gut tell you? Does it feel good or are you a bit uncertain when it comes to the dreadlock hairdresser that you have chosen? For me my gut feeling is important.

I really hope that all these questions will help you along your way to find the perfect dreadlock hairdresser for you and all the best of luck on becoming a dreadhead!


Ann-Marie ( dreadlock shop) ( dreadlock salon)