Gabriellas dreadlock story

Posted: Nov 20 2015

We have yet another Dreadlock story for you to check out, this time it’s Gabriella from USA that tells her story:

Why did you get dreadlocks done? Honestly, the main reason was just becuase I liked them and I never knew what to do with my normal hair.I didn’t like washing it or brushing it either. So I figured dreadlocks were the way to go. Now that I have them, I think I got them to provet hat someone not living a conservative lifestyle can still be successful, smart and happy.
Do you have any personal tips about dreadlocks that you want to share with other dreadheads?Dreadlocks are always changing, so don’t worry about little loose hairs, or bumps.Over time, they naturally form into what they should be. I like to call mine a never ending art project.
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