Next postcard winner

Posted: Mar 20 2015

The happy winners for our next post card is @hanutahannah You will also win a gift certificate if 20 euro in our shop
Congratulations! (Please email me at for more info)

We want to invite all dreadheads to our Proud dreadhead campaign!
Be an inspiration for others, wear your dreadlocks proudly!
Send your pictures to us!
Also write a statement on what your dreadlocks mean to you.
Help us spread The Word that dreads are not dirty and disgusting!
The one with most likes by The 22 of each moth will be on our next postcard!
I will post one proud dreadhead a day!
On instagram Hashtag yourself with #prouddreadhead or email pic to us!
Feel free to tag yourself in The pic on our Facebook page and share it with your friends to win and spread The Word of Proud dreadhead!