What do you do for a living as a dreadhead?

Posted: Jan 14 2015

I asked the question:

Do you have dreadlocks, and if so what do you do for a living?
Have you had problems getting a job because you are a dreadhead?

On our social media accounts. I was overwelmed with all the lovely answers that I got from all of you dreadheads world wide so I wanted to make a blogpost and share all the lovely comments here on our site.

If you want to be quoted here and share your story don't hesitate to email us with a pic of you and your quote to info@dreadstuff.com =) We would love to here your take on this.


I'm an apprentice piercer so luckily have had no issues with appearance at all.
I'm a mediadesigner and my Boss likes my dreads!
Im an assistant nurse and have been working in two different hospitals and a nursinghome for people with alzheimers. Never had any problems getting a job because of my dreads, tattoos or piercings :)
I work at a Conveyancing Solicitors as a Legal Secretary! I already had my job when I decided to start my lock journey but my boss never said one word! Pretty cool :) Not to mention I have tattoos visible and a nose ring! My boss is pretty cool like that though :)
I am a registered nurse in an acute rehabilitation center. Never had any problems, get a lot of strange questions though.... Some are really funny. Have had my dreads for almost year now... Best thing I ever did.
My only job is my YouTube channel so I have no problems =)
I work at Myrorna, second hand shop. No problems
I'm a video game designer and have done several other jobs too, I've never had any problems with having dreads, piercings and tattoos :)
I an assistant nurse, and work for people with alzheimer's , at work ain't no problem. But in publik i get strange questions , like -If i ever wash my hair , do i take them out when i sleep. I don't care thè questions about my hair, but when thè ask when i going to take them out. It is so rude !
RN (registered nurse) no problems at all.
I'm a mental health counselor... No problems here
Im a computer tech no problems at all
I'm a personal assistant and no problem getting job :)
I manage two labs and am a research scientist, my job involves maintaining the most sterile labs in my institution's cellular engineering department. I've had my dreads for two years but have bangs that are not locked. I had no problem getting my job, but was harassed once by a neighboring PhD student who was concerned about me maintaining sterility around patient cell lines because "dreads are dirty." I told him I hadn't had contaminations in six years, which he just rolled his eyes at (I knew he had contaminated one of his cultures the week prior). I thought that was pretty clear evidence they aren't an issue, and he hasn't bothered me since that conversation. All the other scientists think they're fine
Assistant nurse
Assistant nurse with a full sleeve & dreads
Soon to be a medical doctor, one week to go until graduation and I already have a job waiting for me! :D
I wish I could get a job as easy as y'all make it sound.
I own my own cleaning business; it's never been a problem, none of my clients have ever had anything to say about my hair.
I'm in the UK and an Engineer for a renewable energy company. 100% been refused jobs in the past for having dreads though.
Interior designer for a furniture company. Dreads and tattoos
I work in a bakery. Though i did them after I was hired. I worked at a big retail store though in the past, no problems when I had dreads that time.
I'm a staff nurse :)
I'm a hairstylist in the U.S. Full sleeve and locs. My boyfriend also has dreadlocks and is a graphic designer
I'm working towards a degree, but currently am a barista in the U.S. I started my dread journey after getting hired and pretty much just asked if my boss was cool with it. She laughed at me and said of course you can do it, no need to ask. She's all for letting us show who we are. I haven't had any other job since so I haven't run into any problems!
Pandora would make me cover them.
Graduate assistant for sports information and I work at a preschool... No problems so far.
I am a land surveyor and they are actually cool about my dreads at the office
I'm an office administrator and studying law. I love my dreadlocks and plan to lock my kid's hair one day when I have one.
I'm a receptionist at a nail salon soon to be receptionist at a dentist. Didn't have a problem looking for work at all.
Finding a job being 16 with dreads is very hard.
I'm an 'aviation engineer' and had actually no problems at all. I work at the Berlin airport atm :)
When I first got my locs I did lose my job and it took me about 3 months to find a place that would hire me again and this was just the past summer but once I got on into cell phones ice had nothing but good luck and love for my locs which makes me so grateful . I do wish everyone the best if struggling because of there locs never change for someone else fight for acceptance and the right to be who you are!
I'm a photographer, and people like my dreads... Kind of an artist thing....
I am a mechanic, but I already had my job when I started my Locs.
I worked in a photographic studio and my boss was really laid back, some of the customers had something to say though (very rude!) Now I'm a sahm, I've met another mum with dreads, and never felt unwelcome at groups etc. I also trained in social care (physical and learning disabilities, vulnerable adults) and never had trouble there either. It's usually the general public that comment negatively, but only rarely. UK btw ;)
I own my own custom furniture business and since I am the boss it's fine. I have never had a client say a negative word about my locks and have never felt my appearance kept me from getting a client.
I work for lululemon athletica and they love them! I don't know if I could ever have s job that discourages me from being me!
I'm an office temp. People has an opinion about dreads being unprofessional but once they see me, dressed nice and my dreads under control and clean looking they realize that it doesn't really look that unprofessional at all and doesn't effect my ability to do a job.
Im a Barista at a Starbucks in the US. I had my job for a while before I stared my dreads, and asked a manager if it was cool if I started them (super strict dress code emoji). They said it was no problem! Some customers are really snarky about them, but most people just ask the typical why/how did you do it, when are you getting rid of them? I do have to wear an awkward hairnet sometimes because they are kind of long and don't always fit under my hat....
I am a dental hygienist and I wear my dreadlocks proud.... My patients when they want me to clean there teeth ask by name or "the one with the dreadlocks"
I'm working in Sweden in a school with disabled children, no problems here
I'm a nail tech and rent a booth so I am my own boss. I started my dreads once I was working there and everyone that I work with loves them. I do get the usual questions/comments from clients, but I don't mind. They're something different and we are all creatures of habit. I realized one day when I was giving the 'run down' about dreads to a person interested in getting them and she had a look on her face like "holly balls...that's a lot of work". And I had to explain to her that if she had dreads her whole life and thought about having straight hair, all of the upkeep and maintenance on straight hair would seem just as, if not more to take in. Haha!
hello:) i maintenance all hair textures with dreadlocks and can do whatever technique you want done on your hair in the LA area and Detroit, MI. Come see me!! Meshellemelone.com xoxo#onelove
I manage a starbucks!
Got my prev. job because I have dreads ;) Got asked to fix a girls dreads and ended remaking them all. Continued working as an care assistant for that girl.
I'm a manager at a fast food restaurant. I was a crew member when I got my dreadlocks and I wore them under my hat, but then got promoted and no longer wear a hat. I've never had any negative comments from customers (which is surprising) nor from my superiors, or auditing team :) I have not applied for jobs since, but have been offered jobs by other restaurants strains.
Drawing and painting instructor... and not one bit! If anything, it gives me an edge
I looked for a couple jobs and they didn't hire me because I have dreads. But I work at Chuck E. Cheeses and an assisted living home
I am a server and my customers love my dreads!
Hair salon receptionist. My boss thinks it's rad but I do get a lot of strange looks from clients since it's kind of a high end place for my area. But oh well, I wear them proudly. :)
I work at a high end market, they hired me with my dreads but a week later i was taken upstairs and read the "appearance" section of the manual. I told them i didnt know what to tell them and my boss just shook her head and said "keep them pulled back".. ive gotten many compliments from my customers but my managers all look down on me. <3 dont mind one bit, love my head :)
I work at a pet store and no one has ever complained about my dreads, my boss loves them!
I work at apple! I did my dreads after I started working here but they let us do pretty much whatever we want to ourselves.
I work at payless and I have no problem with my dreads
Climbing instructor and graphic designer, nothing but positive comments among colleagues and supervisors!
I was working at a casino and now I'm a medical lab tech and no complaints yet ! :) lot of misconceptions though hah
I'm a middle school and I don't have full head of dreads but at first it was hard because I'm the only one who has them but now a lot of people are very interested in them haha I've had no problems in fact they help me I don't need a hair tie to put up my hair and if my hairs messy it looks good with the dreads haha
I I live in mexico and we have dreadlocks are frowned upon and not give us easy job but I am proud to have my dreadlocks
I do have dreadlocks. I had a job before I had dreads, asked my boss if I could had some and it was no biggie!  I work in a local family owned boutique where we sell art supply, games, toys and school supplies.
I also work in a family owned boutique selling handmade wool clothes and jewelry. And my second job is that I work in a little Café-no problems at all with my Dreadlocks. After my studies I'm going to be a teacher and so far I have never experienced problems while doing internships at schools. In fact, the pupils were positively surprised about my looks^^
When I first got into dreadlocks I had some synths whilst working in a pub as a waitress, the boss didn't mind until he received a complaint from an older member of staff about them. So I took them out. A new landlord took over, and shortly after I left and got my real ones done. A few months down the line I had an interview for a coffee shop and had no issues. I got the job. I then moved onto a tattoo parlour as their body piercer, and again have had no issues
I am in the hair industry, so I haven't had a hard time in my line of work which I am grateful for.
I am a Systems Technician for Dead House Designs. It is a haunted house and specialty entertainment building company. My hair has not been an issue.
I work at an internet travelagency
I do have them. I'm a teacher. I've done interviews with them. When I go to work I keep them nice, neat, and pulled back.
Inhouse graphic designer
I do, and I'm a night manager at a brewer gas station. Not much, but my boss has never even mentioned my dreads:)
I work as a nurse. I have never experienced any problems or issues regarding my hair. My boss has never commented them in a negative way. I have gotten comments from patients but most often in a curious, positive approach. I keep my hair mostly in an updo or a pony tail when at work, mostly due to hygiene aspects. Collegues with "normal long hair" has to have it pulled back as well. I have gotten several jobs during the years I have had dreads, never once have they been a problem
I work in a bank, loans & insurance officer, face to face service. I've only had a few customers make comment about 'why did you did you do that to yourself?" But I've had more compliments then anything. I tie them up & keep them neat, and being a loctician myself mine are kept extremely neat, no fuzz. No bosses or colleagues have complained, no permission required! my branch staff knew I was going to do them. I've been at the same branch going on 8 years so customers & staff no I'm a tad weird but if I had of turned up a new staff member with dreads, it might not have been excepted as well.
my husband and i are lawyers (constitutional and i am a penalist) and musicians too. He is working in a fiscal thing in the goverment and never have an issue, maybe is the professionalism and the opening that we have about us. here in my city is very very unusual use dreads and we are also tattoed. But as i said, we are musicians also and is part of our way of life. i´m a jornalist too and never have any kind of troble. Maybe the only thing that i don´t like at all is the people that get closer and touch my hair without permision. My 5 years old girl have two dreads in the neck too.
I got fired because of my dreadlocks as a janitor at a conference hotel, they said i didnt fit in their image. Even though everyone liked me and thought i did a good job, but it didnt matter..
I am a counter salesman. I was hired without dreads and without long hair. I got approval from the regional level to have dreads. They had no problem with it. But I don't think I would have gotten hired with them starting out. They aren't super popular in my area. It is kind of rural,USA.
I'm a car hauling truck driver. When I asked my boss if me getting dreads was going to be an issue, she looked at my tattoo arm sleeves/hands and laughed. "As if!" she said. Lol.
I am a child care worker/kindergarden teacher (working with children aged 0-3). I was hired for both my current and my last job while having my dreads.
I work in customer service in an office building. I was hired 10 years ago without dreads and got them 3 weeks ago. I checked the employee handbook first, and there were no rules against them. No one has a problem so far lol
i'm a hairstylist. i got hired with the dreads, so i really lucked out! but before that i worked in inventory with a video game company and they had no problem with the dreads. most places are more iffy about my facial piercings than my hair and i live in north dakota, haha
I am a general contractor, and I run my own small business in Oregon. Ive never had an issue with clients or gaining new contracts. More often, people seem to like my dreads, and if they are on the fence about them, it changes when they see my work.
Wish I lived where you guys do. I'm in Indiana and first time I had a whole head of dreads everyone either treated me like a dirty hippie (if I washed my hair was a question everyone actually asked) or like a criminal. Old women would cross lanes in parking lots to avoid me. I'm an artist first and a waitress second. Now I only have half my head done but it takes work sometimes for people to accept me without my hair being a factor.
I do have dreads but am a stay at home mom. No complaints from them;-) Lol they think mommy is cool. But seriously come Aug.(when my youngest starts school) I plan on going back to school. For what? Not 100% sure for what. I've been thinking about being a RN. Not sure how they would react or if I would even be given a chance bc of my dreads. I'm not willing to take them out. My hair has no effect on the kind of person I am or how well I can do my job.
Yes I do have dreads, and I'm currently an at home caregiver for the elderly and full time RN student. I have zero complaints from anyone about my hair.
I've only had my dreads for a few months, and I'm going the natural route so they look even worse than normal... that said, I'm a commercial plumber working on a hospital remodel
If you want to be quoted here and share your story don't hesitate to email us with a pic of you and your quote to info@dreadstuff.com =) We would love to here your take on this.