Emily shares her life as a Dreadhead!

Posted: Jan 05 2015

What is your name: 

My name is Emily Rose Vachon.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/emilypainpita

Tell us a bit about your self:  I live in Gatineau, Quebec (Canada) and I work in a local art supplies and game shop. I'm also an artist; I draw and paint! Art is very important to me, it tells stories! That's why I'm going to study in art and afterward, maybe start being a tattoo artist. Beside that, I also love martial arts! 

What makes you happy: The people around me: family, friends & collegues. I enjoy being with them. As said before, art is a big part of me. It's also something that makes me happy! 

How old are your dreadlocks? My locks are 2 years old! 

Why did you get dreadlocks done?  At first, it was something that me and my ex-boyfriend wanted to do together, so I started my locks and he decided to shave his hair... But I felt so in love with my locks that it didn't matter anymore if I was the only one who started having locks. 

How are your dreadlocks made? I used the backcomb and crochet method.

How many dreadlocks do you have? 53

How do you take care of your dreadlocks? I wash them with shampoo that is made from natural ingrediants. For the maintenance, I crochet the little hair in and palmroll a lot! 

Do you have any persional tips about dreadlocks that you want to share with other dreadheads? If you want dreadlocks, be sure to read and learn about locks. You need to be sure to know what you are doing, because it's YOUR HEAD. 

Have you experieced any judgment towards you just because you are a dreadhead?  Yes, of course! Where I live, there are not many people with dreadlocks. It's new here! So people don't really know what it is. They think it's dirty and messy. 

What is your favorite dreadlock product? My favorite dreadlock product is probably my shampoo (I Love Juicy from Lush cosmetics)... And my Jamaican oil. Both smell lovely and help my locks get stronger!

Who is your favorite dreadhead? Sanna Holmberg if my favorite dreadhead! Her white locks look amazing!! She's absolutly gorgeous! 

Do you have any tips and advice to someone that is thinking of getting dreadlocks but is dubtfull? If you are dubtfull, don't get any or get only one or two! 

How would you describe a perfect day in your life? A perfect day in my life would be on a hot summer day, spending time with friends and family without thinking about tomorrow!