Do you want to win a dreadlock maintenance for free?

Posted: Apr 08 2014

I know that dreadlocks are a bit tricky and they tend to want to live their own life. I have the answer if you want help!

Do you feel like your dreadlocks are totally out of control?
Do you feel like you have no idea what you can do to make them asome again?
Or maybe you have a friend that you feel like she or him realy need serious help with their dreadlocks!

Why not nominate them to our ”dreadhead in serious help” contest.

Who can enter, I’m looking for someone that have mature dreadlocks, they should be at least 1 year old, have some dreadlocks that have grown together that’s need separation. Some dreads that are short that needs to be longer and maybe you have some dreadlocks that you lost that needs to be attached again.
I want something to really work with! Give me a big challenge!

The ”Dreadhead in serius help” will win a dreadlock maintains for free at Seienstyle our salon:
This person must not be camera shy because I will film the hole maintains session and take before and after pictures.
The ”dreadhead in serious help” need to be able to come to Stockholm in May to get his or hers dreads transformation done. (the nominee with pay for his or her own travel expenses)

So why do I want to do this, after working with dreadlocks as a profession for over 13 years Ive seen alot of diffrent type of dreadlocks. Some dreadheads that have had dreadlocks for some years and never ever got any type of instructions on how to take care of them, usaly they feel a bit shy, affraid to ask for help and usualy belive that there is no way out that they have to cut their dreadlocks of. With the video Im going to make I want to show that there is possibility’s to change your dreadlocks even if something has gone wrong.
And give Dreadheads some hope!

Apply or nominate someone now email pics to

Last day to apply is 25 of april.

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