Tired of getting your dreadlocks wet! Dread Empires Dreadlocks swimming cap is here!

Posted: Mar 10 2014

Its finally here! Dread Empires Dreadlock swimming cap!

Are you tired of getting your dreadlocks soaked when you are taking a swim we have the answer for you!
This is a custom designed swimming cap that is made to fit a dreadhead. The size of this swimming cap is with 23cm and hight 36cm it will fit a hair with long dreadlocks, long hair or long braid and it allows your dreads to be dry while swimming or maybe you want to use it when you are taking a shower if you don’t want to get your dreads wet or damp to much.
This dreadlocks swimming cap is made of 100% silicone just like a regular swimming cap but the big difference here is that its made to fit perfect on a dreaded.

Note that while putting this lovely cap on take out any type of sharp jewelry that you might have in your hair because the silicone might get ripped by any hard metal items. Otherwise you can stretch the dreadlocks swimming cap a lot. It will fit on any big large dreads.

You can find it for sale in our shop: http://dreadstuff.com/products/dread-empires-dreadlock-swimming-cap